Car Rental

Note : The date of return in the contract can only be extended with the agreement of Tropical Service. In the case of unauthorized overtaking, the car tenant would be nomore insured.

We organize your tranfers and tours in Tamatave and east coast :

Flèche droite Ivoloina park, Foulpointe, Mahambo, Fenerive…

Flèche droite Type of cars : Ford Ranger, Hyundai Atos.

Rate of rent :

Flèche droite From 30 euros a day.

Flèche droite Degressive rates according to duration (weekly formula, weekend…)

  • Minimum age : 23 years old – Driving licence more than a year.
  • Insurances : All risks compulsory : 3 € / day.
  • The costumer is responsible for car damages by carelessness (unlocked doors, unadvised road…) or by accident which does not involve other cars.
  • Any damage, loss, car equipment stolen (car radio, windscreen wiper, radio antenna, wheels, rear-view mirrors and other accessories), degradation of the vehicle stays chargeable to the customer. In these cases, the expenses of immobilization also stay chargeable to the customer.
  • The car hirer is not responsible for the loss or the damages caused by personal things left in the car.
  • Chargeable to the customer : 2,5 € / day + TVA 20% in addition.

The rent price does not include the fuel. Cars are given full tank, and it is up to the customer to give it back in the same conditions.

  • The regulation of invoices will be made from every rent and settled in the term of every rent. The duration of rent is reckoned by edge of 24 hours, which are not fractionnable from the hour of the car’s departure.
  • Supplementary hour : a franchising of 1 hour is granted at the end of rent; beyond this limit, a new day will be charged.
  • Holidays : a minimum of 2 days will be booked.

» CAUTION : 250 euros

Transfers airport – hotels – fluvial port (rate in euros)
Based on pax 1 2 3 4
Apt/Htl or to town 8,20 7,00 7,00 6,40
Apt/Pt Fluvial 9,42 8,50 8,50 7,07
Pt Fluv/Htl or to town 8,20 7,00 7,00 6,40
Transfers Ivoloina (rate in euros)
Based on pax 1 2 3 4
Rate/pax Ariary (1) 47 22,47 17,60 15
Fares for parc not included
Visit ½ day Tamatave (rate in euros)
Based on pax 1 2 3 4
Berline 47 23,47 17,60 15
Minibus rental (tariffs in euros for 10 persons)
Foulpointe 1 day Mahambo 1 day Ivoloina 1/2 day Transfert ville / apt / pf
135 150,22 93,87 50,00


Tarif de location en ville : 62 eur / jour hors carburant.
Tarif de location hors ville : 69 eur / jour hors carburant.
Tarif de location sur les pistes : 85 eur/ Jour hors carburant.


Nous assurons vos transferts en voiture légère, 4×4 et Minibus.
* Aéroport / ville et vice versa.
* Aéroport / port fluvial et vice versa.