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Discovering the east coast with Tropical Service

You will have the chance to discover :

  • unique landscapes,
  • a fascinating people…

We offer the classic the East Coast.


Madagascar remains one of the richest country in its biodiversity and its natural patrimony.
Its fauna, flora, biosphere, national parks, coral reef will contribute to make you return in this country with thousands attractions, where tourism goes with discovery and adventure.

We organize various tourist tours for those who want to enjoy the splendid landscapes of the East coast, as well as the diversity of the Island.

We can also consider any other application

We offer a wide choice of excursions all more original than the other so that you discover the best of Madagascar safely through the most beautiful areas of the island :

Landscapes in the highlands

Landscapes in the highlands of Imerina and the Betsileo country.

Map tour of Tropical Service

The deep south and western wild, tsingy.

Cruises of Tropical Service

Cruises in the islands, down the channel Pangalanes.

Visiting parks and reserves

Visiting parks and reserves and many other discoveries.